Cocceia (gens)

The gens Cocceia was a plebeian family at ancient Rome. The gens is first mentioned towards the latter end of the Republic, and is best known as the family to which the emperor Nerva belonged.[1]

Origin of the gens

According to Syme, the Cocceii came from Umbria.[2]

Praenomina used by the gens

The Cocceii used the praenomina Marcus, Lucius, Sextus, and Gaius, of which Marcus was favored by the Cocceii Nervae.[1][3]

Branches and cognomina of the gens

The only family of the Cocceii known under the late Republic bore the cognomen Nerva. A number of personal cognomina were borne by other members of the gens, including Auctus, Balbus, Genialis, Justus, Nepos, Nigrinus, Proculus, Rufinus, and Verus.[3]

Members of the gens

Cocceii Nervae


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