Cloverdale Cash Spiel

The Cloverdale Cash Spiel was an annual bonspiel, or curling tournament on the men's and women's World Curling Tour, that took place at the Cloverdale Curling Club in Cloverdale, British Columbia (in Surrey). The tournament was held in a round-robin format. The tournament was established in 2011 as one of the first events of the season,[1] and was last held in 2016. The event counted toward the Canadian Team Ranking System, which hands out points based on performances at CTRS events and deals with qualification to the Canadian Olympic Curling Trials.

Cloverdale CC
Location in Canada

Past champions


Year Winning team Runner up team Purse (CAD)
2011[2] Alexey Tselousov, Andrey Drozdov, Alexey Stukalsky, Aleksey Kamnev Jeff Richard, Brent Pierce, Kevin Recksiedler, Grant Dezura$8,050
2012[3] Brent Pierce, Jeff Richard, Kevin Recksiedler, Grant Dezura Sean Geall, Jay Peachey, Sebastien Robillard, Mark Olson$8,050
2013[4] Michael Johnson, Dean Joanisse, Paul Cseke, John Cullen Ken McArdle, Dylan Somerton, Chase Martyn, Michael Horita$8,050
2014[5] Kevin MacKenzie, Grant Dezura, Jamie Smith, Kevin Recksiedler Sean Geall, Andrew Bilesky, Steve Kopf, Mark Olson$8,500
2015 Dean Joanisse, Paul Cseke, Jay Wakefield, John Cullen Chase Martyn, Cody Johnston, Jeff Guignard, William Sutton$8,200
2016[6] Liu Rui, Xu Xiaoming, Zang Jialiang, Wang Jinbo Adam Cseke, Andrew Nerpin, Matt Tolley, Cam Weir$9,300


Year Winning team Runner up team Purse (CAD)
2011[7] Kelley Law, Shannon Aleksic, Kirsten Fox, Dawn Suliak Liudmila Privivkova, Anna Sidorova, Nkeiruka Ezekh, Ekaterina Galkina$8,050
2012[8] Wang Bingyu, Liu Yin, Yue Qingshuang, Zhou Yan Allison MacInnes, Grace MacInnes, Diane Gushulak, Jacalyn Brown$8,050
2013[9] Patti Knezevic, Jen Rusnell, Kristen Fewster, Rhonda Camozzi Kalia Van Osch, Steph Jackson, Jessie Sanderson, Carley Sandwith$8,050
2014[10] Liu Sijia, Wang Rui, Liu Jinli, Yu Xinna Sarah Wark, Simone Brosseau, Michelle Allen, Rachelle Kallechy$8,500
2015 Diane Gushulak, Grace MacInnes, Jessie Sanderson, Sandra Comadina Patti Knezevic, Kristen Pilote, Jen Rusnell, Rhonda Camozzi$8,200
2016 Diane Gushulak, Grace MacInnes, Jessie Sanderson, Sandra Comadina Lindsay Hudyma. Steph Jackson-Baier, Holly Donaldson, Carley St. Blaze$5,950


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