Closed immersion

In algebraic geometry, a closed immersion of schemes is a morphism of schemes that identifies Z as a closed subset of X such that locally, regular functions on Z can be extended to X.[1] The latter condition can be formalized by saying that is surjective.[2]

For the same-name concept in differential geometry, see immersion (mathematics).

An example is the inclusion map induced by the canonical map .

Other characterizations

The following are equivalent:

  1. is a closed immersion.
  2. For every open affine , there exists an ideal such that as schemes over U.
  3. There exists an open affine covering and for each j there exists an ideal such that as schemes over .
  4. There is a quasi-coherent sheaf of ideals on X such that and f is an isomorphism of Z onto the global Spec of over X.


A closed immersion is finite and radicial (universally injective). In particular, a closed immersion is universally closed. A closed immersion is stable under base change and composition. The notion of a closed immersion is local in the sense that f is a closed immersion if and only if for some (equivalently every) open covering the induced map is a closed immersion.[3][4]

If the composition is a closed immersion and is separated, then is a closed immersion. If X is a separated S-scheme, then every S-section of X is a closed immersion.[5]

If is a closed immersion and is the quasi-coherent sheaf of ideals cutting out Z, then the direct image from the category of quasi-coherent sheaves over Z to the category of quasi-coherent sheaves over X is exact, fully faithful with the essential image consisting of such that .[6]

A flat closed immersion of finite presentation is the open immersion of an open closed subscheme.[7]

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