Clerget-Blin (full name being Société Clerget-Blin et Cie) was a French precision engineering company formed in 1913 by the engineer and inventor Pierre Clerget and industrialist Eugène Blin. In 1939, the company was absorbed into the Groupe d'étude des moteurs à huile lourde (GEHL; "Diesel Engine Study Group"), which was further merged into SNECMA in 1947.

Clerget, Blin et Cie
IndustryAerospace engineering
FateMerged with SNECMA
Founded18 August 1913
FounderPierre Clerget 
Defunct1 January 1947
HeadquartersLevallois-Perret, France
Key people
Pierre Clerget (Designer)
ProductsAircraft engines


The Clerget-Blin company mainly produced aircraft engines, their successful rotary engine designs were also built in Britain by companies such as Gwynnes Limited, Ruston Proctor and Gordon Watney, to increase the output in the times of World War I.[1]

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