Clay Mathematics Monographs

Clay Mathematics Monographs is a series of expositions in mathematics co-published by AMS and Clay Mathematics Institute. Each volume in the series offers an exposition of an active area of current research, provided by a group of mathematicians.

List of books

  • Morgan, John; Gang Tian (2014). The Geometrization Conjecture. CIMM 5. ISBN 978-0-8218-5201-9.
  • Aspinwall, Paul S.; Tom Bridgeland; Alastair Craw; Michael R. Douglas; Mark Gross; Anton Kapustin; Gregory W. Moore; Graeme Segal; Balázs Szendrői; P.M.H. Wilson (2009). Dirichlet Branes and Mirror Symmetry. CIMM 4. ISBN 978-0-8218-3848-8.
  • Morgan, John; Gang Tian (2007). Ricci Flow and the Poincaré Conjecture. CIMM 3. ISBN 978-0-8218-4328-4.
  • Mazza, Carlo; Vladimir Voevodsky; Charles Weibel (2006). Lecture Notes on Motivic cohomology. CIMM 2. ISBN 978-0-8218-3847-1.
  • Hori, Kentaro; Sheldon Katz; Albrecht Klemm; Rahul Pandharipande; Richard Thomas; Cumrun Vafa; Ravi Vakil; Eric Zaslow (2003). Mirror Symmetry. CIMM 1. ISBN 978-0-8218-2955-4.
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