Claude Maki

Claude Maki (真木蔵人, Maki Kurōdo) (born October 3, 1972) is a Japanese surfing and flight champion, actor and hip hop singer, under the stage name A.K.T.I.O.N., from Akasaka, Tokyo. He is the eldest son of actor and singer Mike Maki. His mother is Bibari Maeda (前田 美波里, Maeda Bibari), a Japanese-American actress.

Claude Maki
OccupationActor, Singer, Martial arts Teacher, Painter
Years active1987–present


His height is 172 cm and his hobby is surfing. He made his television acting debut in 1987, after much work in theatre, in NHK's year-long Japanese period drama series Takeda Shingen.[1] Also that year, he made his motion picture debut in Soul Music Lovers Only. In 1989, he was named Best Newcomer at the Japanese Academy Awards for his role in the film Buddies. In 1991 he portrayed the deaf-mute surfer Shigeru in Takeshi Kitano's third film A Scene at the Sea. He starred in Junji Sakamoto's Falling Angels in 1997, followed by four films in 1998 including Golden Wolf, Resurrection, and Beat.

As a rapper he is on the same label as Zeebra, Solomon i&i Production.



  • 1988: Soul Music Lovers Only
  • 1989: Buddies
  • 1991: A Scene at the Sea
  • 1997: Fallen Angels
  • 1998: Golden Wolf
  • 1998: Beat
  • 1998: Resurrection
  • 1998: Dolphin Through
  • 2000: Brother
  • 2003: 3 on 3
  • 2003: Moon
  • 2006: Backdancers!
  • 2007: Like a Dragon
  • 2018: Eating Women

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