Classical Weimar (World Heritage Site)

Classical Weimar (German: Klassisches Weimar) is a UNESCO World Heritage site consisting of 11 sites related to Weimar Classicism located in and around the city of Weimar, Germany. The site was inscribed on 2 December 1998. The properties are all related to Weimar as a centre of the Enlightenment during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. A number of notable writers and philosophers lived there.[1]

Classical Weimar
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Schloss Weimar (Residence Palace)
LocationWeimar, Germany
IncludesSchloss Belvedere, Goethe House, St. Peter und Paul, Herders residence, Duchess Anna Amalia Library, Historical Cemetery, Weimar, Park an der Ilm, Schillerhaus Weimar, Tiefurt House, Ettersburg Castle and Park, Schloss Weimar, Wilhelm-Ernst-Gymnasium, Wittumspalais
CriteriaCultural: (iii), (vi)
Inscription1998 (22nd Session)
Coordinates50°58′39″N 11°19′43″E
Location of Classical Weimar in Thuringia
Classical Weimar (World Heritage Site) (Germany)

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