Classic Bike

Classic Bike is a UK motorcycle magazine. Launched in 1978, it is noted for coverage of all makes of classic motorcycles, including US and Japanese models, and one-off specials. Previous editors have included Mike Nicks, John Pearson, Phillip Tooth, Brian Crichton and Hugo Wilson. The current (2013) editor is Ben Miller. Under the banner "real bikes for blokes with spanners" it has an emphasis on practical hands-on motorcycling.[1]

Classic Bike
EditorBen Miller
Circulation351,000 (TGI October 2006 - September 2007)
PublisherBauer Consumer Media Ltd
Year founded1978
CompanyBauer Publishing Group
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inPeterborough


As well as special features on classic motorcycles, famous motorcyclists and readers bikes, the magazine has regular features that include:

  • Classic World - news, reviews and events in the classic bike market place
  • Our Classics - Updates on the classic bikes owned by the editorial team
  • Classic America - Mark Gardiner on the US classic bike scene
  • Rics Fixes - Rick Parkington explaining how to keep classic bikes running


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