Clare Artillery

The Clare Artillery was a British artillery militia regiment of the 19th century. It was based in and named after County Clare in the modern Republic of Ireland.

Clare Artillery
Country Kingdom of Great Britain (1759–1800)
 United Kingdom (1801–1881)
Branch British Army

The regiment was raised as an infantry Militia Regiment in 1793.[1] It remained an infantry unit until March 1882 when it was temporarily amalgamated with the South Cork Militia, to form the 3rd Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers. A month later however they were converted to an artillery unit, and were the last Militia Artillery to be formed.

Between February and November 1900 the unit was embodied for the South African War.

On conversion to artillery they became the 7th Brigade, South Irish Division, Royal Artillery. In 1902 it was renamed The Clare Artillery, Royal Garrison Artillery (Militia). On the creation of the Territorial Force in 1908 the unit was transferred to the Special Reserve Royal Field Artillery. It was disbanded in 1909.


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