Clara Petacci

Clara Petacci, known as Claretta Petacci (Italian: [klaˈretta peˈtattʃi]; 28 February 1912 – 28 April 1945), was a mistress of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and was executed with him by partisans.

Clara Petacci
Born(1912-02-28)28 February 1912
Rome, Italy
Died28 April 1945(1945-04-28) (aged 33)
Known forBeing the mistress of Benito Mussolini
RelativesMiriam di San Servolo (sister)


Clara Petacci's father was Dr. Francesco Petacci, primary physician of Pope Pius XI. Her sister was actress Miriam di San Servolo (31 May 1923 24 May 1991), also known as Miriam Petacci or Miriam Day. Petacci's brother, Marcello Petacci, was captured with Mussolini and Petacci. However, rather than being executed in Dongo, he was shot while trying to escape.

Relationship with Mussolini

Petacci had a long-standing relationship with Mussolini while he was married to Rachele Mussolini. Petacci was 28 years younger than Mussolini.[1]

Part of their correspondence is still the subject of a dispute with the National Archives, based on privacy.[2]


On 27 April 1945, Mussolini and Petacci were captured by partisans while traveling with a convoy of Italian Social Republic members.[3]

On 28 April, she and Mussolini were taken to Mezzegra and shot. On the following day, the bodies of Mussolini and Petacci were taken to the Piazzale Loreto in Milan and hung upside down in front of a petrol station. The bodies were photographed as a crowd vented their rage upon them.[4]

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