Clancy in Wall Street

Clancy in Wall Street is a 1930 American Pre-Code comedy film.[1] it stars Charles Murray, who had made a number of films for Edward Small.

Clancy in Wall Street
Directed byTed Wilde
Produced byEdward Small
Based onStory by Jack Wagner
Ralph Bell
CinematographyHarry Jackson
Edited byPhil Cahn
Edward Small Productions
Distributed byAristocrat
Release date
March 15, 1930
Running time
76 minutes

It was also known as Clancy Caught Short and was described as the first comedy about the stock market crash.[2] It was the last film for director Ted Wilde, who had died in December of the previous year.


Plumber Michael Clancy, fixing up some pipe on the stock exchange, accidentally buys some stock and makes a quick $200 on a 20 percent margin. He wants to continue but his partner, Andy MacIntosh, refuses to get involved. Clancy makes a fortune, leaves his business, and crashes high society, ignoring his old friend, and urging his daughter, Katie, to reject MacIntosh's son in favor of Freddie Saunders. Then the stock market crashes.[3]



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