Clan Fletcher

Clan Fletcher is a Scottish clan.[2] The clan is officially recognized by the Lord Lyon King of Arms; however, as the clan does not currently have a chief recognized by the Lord Lyon, it is considered an armigerous clan.[2]

Clan Fletcher
Mac-An-Leister (Son of the Arrowmaker)[1] Fleisdear[2]
MottoAlta Pete (Aim at High Things)[1]
RegionScottish Highlands
Clan Fletcher has no chief, and is an armigerous clan
Historic seatArchallader House[3]


Origins of the name

The name Fletcher is derived from the French word flechier, which means arrow maker.[2] The name was a very common trade name, so much so that it became used in the Scottish Gaelic language as fleisdear.[2] In the eighteenth century some families went full circle and anglicised the name from the Gaelic, Mac-an-leistear, back into Fletcher.[2]

Origins of the clan

Sometime after the eleventh century a band of Mac-an-leistears settled in Glen Orchy, Argyll.[2] There they became arrow makers to the Clan MacGregor.[2] Other small groups of Mac-an-leisters settled in glens that belonged to other clans, in order to make arrows for them.[2]

The first recorded clan chief was Angus Mac-an-leister, who was born in about 1450.[2] However, Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy, who was in high royal favour with James VI of Scotland coveted the Mac-an-leister's lands.[2] Campbell had royal authority to maintain a large band of armed retainers who he employed in a campaign of intimidation and violence.[2] Campbell deliberately provoked a dispute with the Mac-an-leister chief and trumped up a murder charge against him.[2] As a result, Mac-an-leister was compelled to sign a deed in which all of his family lands were ceded to the Campbells, and from then onwards they were only tenants in Glen Orchy.[2]

17th century

Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun "the Patriot" was a fierce opponent of the union with England.[2] He became MP for Haddington in 1678; however, he was forced to flee to Holland for having supported the Monmouth Rebellion against James II of England (VII of Scotland).[2]

18th century and Jacobite risings

During the Jacobite rising of 1715 Archibald, ninth chief of the clan led the Mac-an-leisters in support of the Jacobites, as did his younger brother John during the Jacobite rising of 1745.[2] However, during "the 45" the elder brother who was the chief, provided some men for the British-Hanoverian forces under his Campbell overlords and in doing so avoided forfeiture.[2]


Castles owned by the Clan Fletcher have included amongst others:


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