City Minister

The position of City Minister is a United Kingdom Government minister in HM Treasury. The minister is responsible for the British financial services sector which is commonly known as 'the City'. The incumbent minister is John Glen who was appointed in January 2018.

City Minister
Royal Arms as used by Her Majesty's Government
John Glen

since 9 January 2018
HM Treasury
AppointerThe British Monarch
on advice of the Prime Minister
Inaugural holderThe Lord Myners
Formation3 October 2008[1]
WebsiteHM Treasury

The term 'City Minister' was first used as a nickname for the position of Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury which was created by Gordon Brown upon coming to office in October 2008.[2] The only person to have held the office was Lord Myners, who served from October 2008 to May 2010.[3][4]

In May 2010 as part of the ministerial reorganisation by the Cameron Government the position of Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury was abolished. However, the idea of there being a minister specifically responsible for the City was retained and it was decided that the post would be held concurrently with the position of Financial Secretary to the Treasury, held at the time by Mark Hoban.

Following the promotion of Sajid Javid to Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in April 2014 the portfolio of City Minister was moved from the Financial Secretary to the Treasury to the Economic Secretary to the Treasury.[5]

Following the 2017 snap general election, City Minister Simon Kirby lost his seat and was succeeded by Stephen Barclay.

List of officeholders

Colour key (for political parties):
  Conservative   Labour

Name Portrait Term of office Political party Prime Minister Chancellor
As Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury Brown Darling
Lord Myners 3 October 2008 13 May 2010 Labour
As Financial Secretary to the Treasury Cameron
Mark Hoban 13 May 2010 4 September 2012 Conservative
Greg Clark 4 September 2012 7 October 2013 Conservative
Sajid Javid 7 October 2013 9 April 2014 Conservative
As Economic Secretary to the Treasury
Andrea Leadsom 9 April 2014 11 May 2015 Conservative
Harriett Baldwin 11 May 2015 16 July 2016 Conservative Cameron
Simon Kirby 16 July 2016 8 June 2017 Conservative May Hammond
Stephen Barclay 14 July 2017 9 January 2018 Conservative
John Glen 9 January 2018 Incumbent Conservative


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