Ciske the Rat (1955 film)

Ciske the Rat (Dutch: Ciske de Rat) is a 1955 Dutch drama film directed by Wolfgang Staudte, based on the Ciske trilogy by Piet Bakker. The film was remade in 1984 and turned into a popular musical in 2007.

Ciske the Rat
Directed byWolfgang Staudte
Produced byHans Boekman and Co ter Linden
Written byPiet Bakker (novel) & Wolfgang Staudte (writer)
Music bySteye van Brandenberg and Herbert Windt
Distributed byFilmproductie Maatschappij Amsterdam
Release date
7 October 1955
Running time
97 minutes
Budget275.000 gulden

With 2,433,000 viewers it is the third best visited movie of the Dutch cinema. The film was shown at the Venetian Movie Festival, where it won a Silver Lion of San Marco. It has also received an honorable mention from the Office Catholique Internationale du Cinéma.

A German version has been made with other actors, titled Ciske: Ein Kind braucht Liebe (Ciske: A Child Needs Love).


The story is set in the Amsterdam of the 50s, and told from the perspective of a teacher named Bruis. The narrative is centered around Cis Vrijmoeth, an oaf who never sees his father, because he is a sailor, and who is neglected by his mother. Time after time he is expelled from school. Only teacher Bruis can really handle and restrain the boy. In an fit of rage and fear, Ciske kills his mother with a knife and is sent to a youth detention center. In the end, his father returns from the sea and decides to take care of him, together with his wife Aunt Jans.


  • Dick van der Velde ... Ciske
  • Kees Brusse ... teacher Bruis
  • Jenny Van Maerlant ... Ciske's mother
  • Riek Schagen ... Aunt Jans
  • Lies Franken ... Suus Bruis
  • Bernhard Droog ... Leraar
  • Rob de Vries ... Ciske's father
  • Cees Laseur ... Dhr. Van Loon
  • Paul Steenbergen ... Teacher Maatsuyker
  • Jan Teulings ... Henri - friend of Mother
  • Guus Oster ... Officier van Justitie
  • Hans Tiemeyer ... Reinders
  • Joan Remmelts ... Kapelaan de Goey
  • Tjeerd de Vries .... Jantje Verkerk (bully)
  • Heidi Schmidt ... Betje (Ciske's girlfriend)

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