Cirrocumulus lacunosus

Cirrocumulus lacunosus is a type of cirrocumulus cloud. The name cirrocumulus lacunosus is derived from Latin, meaning "full of hollows".[2] Cirrocumulus lacunosus is a relatively rare cloud form that occurs as a layer of cloud with circular holes in it. Formation is commonly attributed to a cool layer mixing with a warmer, higher layer of the atmosphere.[3][4] These holes normally have frayed edges, and they are often arranged in a manner that resembles a net or a honeycomb.[5]

Cirrocumulus lacunosus
Cirrocumulus lacunosus clouds
AbbreviationCc la
GenusCirro- (curl of hair)
-cumulus (heaped)
Varietylacunosus (full of holes)
AltitudeAbove 6,000 m
(Above 20,000 ft)
Appearanceperforated with round, frayed holes[1]
Precipitation cloud?No

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