Cirrocumulus castellanus

Cirrocumulus castellanus is a type of cirrocumulus cloud. The name cirrocumulus castellanus is derived from Latin, meaning "of a castle".[1] These clouds appear as round turrets that are rising from either a lowered line or sheet of clouds.[2] Cirrocumulus castellanus is an indicator of atmospheric instability at the level of the cloud.[3] The clouds form when condensation occurs in the base cloud, causing latent heating to occur. This causes air to rise from the base cloud, and if the air ascends into conditionally unstable air, cirrocumulus castellanus will form.[4]

Cirrocumulus casstelanus
Cirrocumulus castellanus undulatus (on the center)
AbbreviationCc cas
GenusCirro- (curl of hair)
-cumulus (heaped)
SpeciesCastellanus (turret-like)
AltitudeAbove 6,000 m
(Above 20,000 ft)
Appearancesmall, rounded turrets
Precipitation cloud?No

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