Circus Renz (1943 film)

Circus Renz (German: Zirkus Renz) is a 1943 German drama film directed by Arthur Maria Rabenalt and starring René Deltgen, Paul Klinger and Angelika Hauff. It is a circus film, made as a deliberately escapist release at a time when the Second World War was starting to turn against Germany and its allies.[1] The film takes its title from the real Circus Renz.

Circus Renz
Directed byArthur Maria Rabenalt
Produced byAlf Teichs
Written by
  • Roland Betsch
  • Otto Ernst Hesse
Music byAlbert Fischer
CinematographyWilly Winterstein
Edited byGertrud Hinz-Nischwitz
Distributed byDeutsche Filmvertriebs
Release date
10 September 1943
Running time
88 minutes

Partial cast


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