Cinema of Ethiopia

The Cinema of Ethiopia and the film industry in general is a relatively recent phenomenon in Ethiopia. Ethiopian film industry is growing, but faces many problems that have prevent it from fully flourish.[1] Historically live stage theater enjoyed more popularity in Ethiopia creating a handful of relatively successful stage actors.[1]

Cinema of Ethiopia
No. of screens273 (2016)
Main distributorsZefmes mall
sebasltbol production
Produced feature films (2018)

Important Figures


Actors and Actresses

  • Meron Getnet
  • Selam Tesfaye
  • Tizita Hagere
  • Rasselas Lakew
  • Makda Afwerk
  • Fryate Yemane
  • Kidist Siyum
  • Rediat Amare
  • Abebe Balcha
  • Addisalem Getaneh
  • Eyob Dawit
  • Alemseged Tesfaye
  • Hanna Yohannes
  • Daniel Tegegn
  • Tariku Birhanu
  • Hanan Tarq
  • Amleset Muchie
  • Ruta Mengistab
  • Girum Ermias
  • Mahder Assefa
  • Liya Kebede
  • Meseret Gebru
  • Ruth Negga
  • Akrosia Samson
  • Tensay Yosef
  • Frey Dagne
  • Yohannes Ashenafi
  • Sam Desu
  • Senait Ashenafi
  • Zeritu Kebede
  • Meseret Mebrate
  • Tedros Kassa


Notable Films

Domestically Successful

  • Taza (ታዛ)
  • Beza (ቤዛ)
  • Yewendoch Guday (የወንዶች ጉዳይ)
  • Rebuni (ረቡኒ)

Internationally Successful

Major Events


  • Addis International Film Festival - This festival is held annually in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, and seeks to provide a platform for both amateur and professional film makers.
  • Ethiopian International Film Festival - Annually held in Addis Ababa during which many Ethiopian film makers get to showcase their work and awards are handed to the best films as voted by the judges. This festival started in 2005.


  • Gumma Film Awards - The most known and prestigious Award in the Ethiopian Film Industry. Held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia annually, this award show started in 2014 and is the first film award show to be broadcast live on TV in Ethiopia.

Film Schools

  • Blue Nile Film and Television Academy
  • Yofthahe Nigussie School of Theatrical Arts
  • addis abeba university visual and performing arts


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