Cinebook Ltd is a British publishing company that publishes comic albums and graphic novels. It describes itself as "the 9th art publisher," the 9th art being comics in continental Europe, especially France, Belgium and Italy.

Cinebook Ltd
FounderOlivier Cadic
Country of originUK
Headquarters locationCanterbury, Kent
  • Turnaround Publisher Services (UK, Europe)
  • National Book Network, Diamond Comics Distributors (North America)
  • book&volume (Australia)
  • South Pacific Books Imports (New Zealand)
  • Topline Book Distributors (South Africa)
  • Publishers Marketing Services, Select Books (Singapore)[1]
Publication typesComics

They typically translate Franco-Belgian comics predominantly originating from the Franco-Belgian comic publishers Dargaud, Dupuis and Le Lombard into English and have also issued an original series about the French Queen Marguerite de Valois, also known as Queen Margot. Cinebook works with a team of translators, including native speakers of French, British English and American English.


Softcover album series

So far, the company has published, or plans to publish, the following comic series in softcover editions:

Series Writer(s) Artist(s)
Léo Léo
Alpha Renard Jigounov
The Bellybuttons Maryse Dubuc Marc Delafontaine ("Delaf")
Billy and Buddy Jean Roba Jean Roba
Blake and Mortimer Edgar P. Jacobs Edgar P. Jacobs
The Bluecoats Cauvin Lambil
Buck Danny Francis Bergèse Francis Bergèse
Cedric Cauvin Laudec
The Chimpanzee Complex Richard Marazano Jean-Michel Ponzio
Clifton De Groot Turk
Crusade Jean Dufaux Philippe Xavier
Darwin's Diaries Sylvain Runberg Ocaña
Ducoboo Zidrou Godi
Green Manor[2] Vehlmann Bodart
Insiders Jean-Claude Bartoll Renaud Garreta
IR$ Stephen Desberg Bernard Vrancken
Iznogoud Goscinny Tabary
Lady S Jean Van Hamme Aymond
Largo Winch Jean Van Hamme Philippe Francq
Long John Silver Xavier Dorison Mathieu Lauffray
Lucky Luke
Melusine Clarke Gilson
Orbital Sylvain Runberg Serge Pellé
Pandora Box Alcante (multiple)
Papyrus De Gieter De Gieter
Queen Margot Cadic & Gheysens Derenne
The Rugger Boys Beka Poupard
Scared to Death Vanholme Mauricet
The Scorpion Stephen Desberg Enrico Marini
Spirou et Fantasio
Thorgal Jean Van Hamme Rosiński
Valerian and Laureline Pierre Christin Jean-Claude Mézières
Wayne Shelton Jean Van Hamme Christian Denayer
Western Jean Van Hamme Grzegorz Rosiński
Wind in the Willows Michel Plessix Michel Plessix
XIII Jean Van Hamme William Vance
Yakari Job Derib
Yoko Tsuno Roger Leloup Roger Leloup

Hardcover series

  • Valerian: The Complete Collection

During 2017 and 2018 the British publisher Cinebook Limited published a hardcover collection of the series titled; Valerian: The Complete Collection, spread over seven volumes, with three to four stories in each book. These volumes are in full original color, printed on glossy paper and measure 220 mm × 290 mm.[3][4]

Vol. Title Included stories Release date ISBN
1Valerian: The Complete Collection Volume 10–2: (Bad dreams, The City of Shifting Waters, Empire of a Thousand Planets)May 2017978-1-84918-352-9
2Valerian: The Complete Collection Volume 23–5: (The Land Without Stars, Welcome to Alflolol, Birds of the Master)July 2017978-1-84918-356-7
3Valerian: The Complete Collection Volume 36–8: (Ambassador of the Shadows, On False Earths, Heroes of the Equinox)July 2017978-1-84918-357-4
4Valerian: The Complete Collection Volume 49–12: (Chatelet Station - Destination Cassiopeia, Brooklyn line - Terminus Cosmos, The Ghost of Inverloch, The Wrath of Hypsis)April 2018978-1-84918-391-8
5Valerian: The Complete Collection Volume 513–15: (On the Frontiers, The Living Weapons, The Circles of Power)June 2018978-1-84918-400-7
6Valerian: The Complete Collection Volume 616–18: (Hostages of Ultralum, Orphan of the Stars, In Uncertain Times)August 2018978-1-84918-411-3
7Valerian: The Complete Collection Volume 719–21: (At the Edge of the Great Void, The Order of the Stones, The Time Opener)October 2018978-1-84918-416-8


Olivier Cadic was given the French National Order of Merit, according to the Birmingham Mail this award is:

a vindication of his work to make an important part of French culture available in the English-speaking world through Cinebook, as the ambassador himself noted when noting the publisher had now printed twice as many Lucky Luke books in the last three years as had been published in the previous fifty.[5]


A 2013 article from discusses how Cinebook have been criticized for the fact that many of their releases are censored from the original works, a practice which usually affects comics which depict nudity, including books which in their original form were released for adult target audiences with an appropriate age rating.[6]


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