Cichlidogyrus attenboroughi

Cichlidogyrus attenboroughi is a species of monopisthocotylean monogeneans in the family Dactylogyridae (or Ancyrocephalidae according to certain classifications). It is a parasite of the gills of the fish Benthochromis horii in Lake Tanganyika.[1]

Cichlidogyrus attenboroughi
Scientific classification
Cichlidogyrus attenboroughi

Kmentová, Gelnar, Koblmüller & Vanhove, 2016


According to Kmentová, Gelnar, Koblmüller & Vanhove, "the species epithet honours the English scientist and broadcaster Sir David Frederick Attenborough, in gratitude for the insights and inspiration he gave to so many people to study and protect nature and biodiversity".[1]


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