Christine Urech

Christine Urech (born January 15, 1984) is a Swiss curler from Lucerne.

Christine Urech
Born (1984-01-15) January 15, 1984
Curling clubFlims CC, Flims
World Championship
2 (2014, 2016)
European Championship
3 (2011, 2014, 2016)


In her junior career, Urech played as fourth for Stéphanie Jäggi. They played in the 2004 World Junior Curling Championships, finishing in fifth place.

Urech played as third for Irene Schori until the 2007–08 curling season. She then moved to Silvana Tirinzoni's rink to play second until the 2009–10 curling season, when she joined Binia Feltscher-Beeli's rink. After one year, the team added Franziska Kaufmann, and Urech moved down to the lead position. Schori joined Feltscher's rink as third for the next season. The team went to the 2011 European Curling Championships and finished in seventh place. Urech went to her first World Championships in 2014 with Feltscher, and won her first world title after defeating Canada in the final.

Personal life

Urech is currently employed as an industrial designer. She is in a relationship with Mario Rohner.[1]


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