Christine Böhm

Christine Böhm (February 19, 1954 – August 5, 1979) was an Austrian actress. She performed in many comedies and appeared on Arsen Lupin, a 1970s television series.[1] She died in an accident at age 25.

Christine Böhm
Born(1954-02-19)19 February 1954
Died5 August 1979(1979-08-05) (aged 25)
Cerro di Laveno
Notable work
Arsène Lupin


Böhm was born on February 19, 1954 in Vienna, Austria.[1] Her father was Maxi Böhm, an Austrian performer.[1]

She performed in comedies which were broadcast by the Austrian Television ORF and appeared on the Arsen Lupin show (primarily known as Arsène Lupin in its home French market).[1]

On August 5, 1979, Böhm died in an accident in Cerro di Laveno, Lake Maggiore, Italy.[1]

Selected filmography


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