Christiane Maybach

Christiane Maybach (1932–2006) was a German film and television actress.[1] She became known as "Berlin's Marilyn Monroe" due to work in films from the 1950s to the 1970s. She continued to act in television roles until shortly before her death in 2006.[2]

Christiane Maybach
Born14 March 1932
Died12 April 2006
Cologne, Germany
Other namesUschi Müller
Years active1951–2005 (film & TV)


Maybach was born in Berlin, Germany on March 14, 1932, was educated at the acting school of the Schillertheater beginning in 1956, and worked on the stage before becoming a film actress during the 1950s, a career she continued to pursue until the 1970s. She then continued her acting career on television, performing until shortly before her death. She died in Cologne, Germany on April 12, 2006.[3][4]

Selected filmography


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