Christian Wahnschaffe

Christian Wahnschaffe is a 1920 German silent drama film directed by Urban Gad and starring Conrad Veidt, Lillebil Ibsen and Fritz Kortner.[1] It was released in two parts World Ablaze (Weltbrand) in November 1920 and The Escape from the Golden Prison (Die Flucht aus dem goldenen Kerker) in March 1921. It is an adaptation of the novel of the same title by Jakob Wassermann.

Christian Wahnschaffe
Directed byUrban Gad
Written byJakob Wassermann (novel)
Paul Georg
Bobby E. Lüthge
Hans Behrendt
Starring Conrad Veidt
Fritz Kortner
Werner Krauss
Music byGiuseppe Becce (Part I)
Alexander Schirmann (Part II)
CinematographyMax Lutze (Part I)
Willy Hameister (Part II)
Distributed byTerra Film
Release date
12 November 1920 (Part I)
30 March 1921 (Part II)
Running time
77 minutes (Part I)
75 minutes (Part II)
German intertitles

The film's sets were designed by the art director Robert A. Dietrich.


Part 1: World Ablaze

Part 2: The Escape from the Golden Prison


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