Christian Klucker

Christian Klucker (September 28, 1853 – December 21, 1928) was a Swiss mountain guide who made many first ascents in the Alps, particularly in the Bernina Range, the Bregaglia and the Pennine Alps.

Amongst his first ascents were:

  • Gurgel (couloir) on north-east face of Piz Bernina on 18 June 1890 (with L. Norman-Neruda)
  • North-west face of Piz Scerscen on 9 July 1890 (with L. Norman-Neruda)
  • North-east face of Piz Roseg on 16 July 1890 (with L. Norman-Neruda)
  • East-north-east ridge of the Ober Gabelhorn on 1 August 1890 (with L. Norman-Neruda)
  • 'Norman-Neruda route' on the north-east face of Lyskamm on 9 August 1890 (with L. Norman-Neruda and J. Reinstadler)
  • Nadelgrat from the Hohberghorn to the Lenzspitze in 1892
  • Peuterey ridge to the summit of Mont Blanc via a couloir on the Brenva face on 15–19 August 1893 (with Paul Güssfeldt, Emile Rey and César Ollier)
  • West-south-west ridge of Piz Badile on 14 June 1897 (with Anton von Rydzewski and M. Barbaria)
  • First traverse from the Italian side of the Porta da Roseg on Piz Roseg on 21 June 1898 (with M. Barbaria)

Klucker appeared as the character Otto Spring (a guide) in the 1929 mountain film, Die weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü (The White Hell of Piz Palü), directed by Arnold Fanck.


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