Christian Chamborant

Eugène Christian Chamborant (4 June 1892 -10 December 1948), was a French film director.

Christian Chamborant
Eugène Christian Chamborant

4 June 1892
Died10 December 1948(1948-12-10) (aged 56)


Little is known about the life of this discreet filmmaker who ended his days a week before the release of his latest film. Before becoming a director, he was the author of numerous documentaries during the 1920s–1930s.

Among other things, he worked for the productor Pierre Caron who made him take his first steps on the cinema sets from 1936.


Film editor

Production manager

Assistant director


  • 1937: Police mondaine, with Michel Bernheim
  • 1939: Latin Quarter, with Pierre Colombier and Alexander Esway
  • 1941: Patrouille blanche
  • 1942: Signé illisible
  • 1947: Rouletabille joue et gagne
  • 1948: Rouletabille contre la dame de pique


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