Choorian (1998 film)

Choorian (Punjabi: چوڑیاں meaning "Bangles") is a 1998 Pakistani Punjabi-language action - romance - crime film directed by Syed Noor & produced by Haji Faqir Mohammad. Film stars Moammar Rana and Saima. Choorian is Pakistan’s third highest-grossing domestic film of all-time.[3]

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Directed bySyed Noor
Produced byHaji Faqir Mohammad
Written byNadeem Shahid Nadeem
Music byZulfiqar Ali
Pak Nishan Films
Release date
  • 16 October 1998 (1998-10-16)
BudgetRs0.38 crore
Box officeRs20 crore (US$4.4 million) [1][2]

The film has a simple love story. A city boy Bakhtu (Moammar Rana) is sent to live with his uncle back in the village. He soon falls in love with his uncle's older daughter Billo (Saima). Billo is a servant in her own house, and does all the chores which are overseen by Bahar, her stepmother. Bahar treats her like a slave throughout the movie while her two daughters live like queens.


Bakhtu (Moammar Rana) is a boy living in the city. He is repeatedly involved in fights to defend the honour of women to the point that his mother, Rashida fears for his life. She is afraid that he will become like his father, who became a murderer or be killed. She begs her brother to help her since Bakhtu does not listen to her. He takes Bakhtu to his village. Bakhtu is instantly enamoured with his cousin and childhood friend, Billo (Saima Noor). She is ill-treated by her stepmother and stepsisters and does all the work. She is uneducated while her stepsisters have passed Grade 10. Bakhtu's aunt, Bahar Begum, is interested in him for Sammiya, her own daughter, who has expressed her interest in him. Billo prevents Bakhtu from fighting with Makha Natt when he finds out that he has a habit of ogling her.

Sammiya tries to win him over, but Bakhtu is uninterested and confesses his love to Billo. They try to keep their growing relationship a secret, but Sammiya notices and feels threatened. She tells Bakhtu she loves him and tries to entice him by dancing for him in the rain. He is upset by her behaviour and when she keeps touching him he finally slaps her. Sammiya points out Billo holding hands with Bakhtu to Bahar when they go to a carnival and disappear. When the couple return they are confronted by the family. Billo is accused of having loose character. Bakhtu loses his temper and calls his aunt a 'churail' (witch) and declares that her daughter (Sammiya) is the same. His uncle beats him and kicks him out of the house. Bakhtu declares that no one will ever be able to separate him and Billo and leaves. Billo sneaks away and brings Bakhtu food. He brings her home, but the couple is caught by Sammiya. Bakhtu's uncle orders Bakhtu to leave the village if he cares at all for his honour. He refuses, saying he would rather die.

His uncle journeys to the city to beg Rashida to take her son back before he shames him before the village. Meanwhile Bahar Begum is fixing Billo's engagement with Makha Natt. Rashida begs Bakhtu to leave and he cannot refuse. As Bakhtu leaves, Billo runs after him and breaks her bangles, heartbroken. She is too late and watches his train leave. She is forcefully engaged to Natt.

Bakhtu cannot bear the separation from Billo and sneaks away in the night. He arrives armed to apply mehndi (henna) to Billo's hands before Chaudhry's name can be written on them. He promises to marry her in two day's time. He is confronted by Makha Natt and his men. Bakhtu kills many of them and is wounded as well. He has a chance to kill Makha but leaves him alive so that he can marry Billo. He disappears.

On the day of Billo's wedding to Makha, Sammiya asks her why she is smiling. She tells Billo that Bakhtu was killed by Makha Natt She replies that she knows that Bakhtu will come to marry her. He arrives on horseback to take his bride. The maulvi and witnesses arrive to solemnise the marriage. Bahar Begum refuses to allow it, claiming that he cannot marry her without her permission. Billo's father has a change of heart and gives his permission, blessing her. Bakhtu's mother arrives as well. The couple is married as Bahar Begum waits for Makha Natt and his men to arrive. Sammiya seats her sister on the horse with her husband and sends her off wishing her happiness. They narrowly escape Natt as Billo's father stands in their way, taking on the cavalry singlehandedly. Bahar Begum is killed in the firing.

The men catch up to Bakhtu and Billo in the forest. Bakhtu shoots many down, but is wounded. The situation appears hopeless until his uncle arrives, joining the fray. Bakhtu's uncle is severely wounded by Natt before Bakhtu kills him. He blesses the couple, asking them not to leave the village and to care for his family before he dies in their arms.



Track list
1."Dhola way gal sun Dhola"Azra Jehan 
2."Karan main nazara jadun ohdi tasvir da"Ameer Ali 
3."Laian main Teray naal laian"Azra Jehan 
4."Nere nayre aa zalma"Saira Naseem 
5."Sukh Mahi naal lay gya"Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 
6."Tor sattan Choorian"Saira Naseem, Sain Khawar Hussain 
7."Uchi thaan tay yaari lai"Saira Naseem, Anwar Rafi 
8."Udd Kothe uttun Kanwa way"Saira Naseem, Ameer Ali 


1998 Nigar Awards Best Film Haji Faqir Mohammad Won
Best Director Syed Noor
Best Script Writer Rukhsana Noor
Best Actor Moammar Rana
Best Actress Saima
Best Supporting Actor Shafqat Cheema
Best Supporting Actor (villain) Babar Butt
Best Musician Zulfiqar Ali
Best Lyricist Ahmed Aqeel Rubi
Best Cinematographer Naseeruddin
Best Playback Singer (Female) Saira Nasim
Best Playback Singer (Male) Ameer Ali

Box office

Choorian opened in 22 screens across Pakistan and earned a total of ₨200 million in its one-year run.[4] Choorian became the third highest grossing film on 23 November 2013 after record being broken by Waar and Khuda Kay Liye.[3]

Indian remake

In 2008, Choorian was remade in Indian Punjab as Majajan[5] starring Gavie Chahal.[6] This film was appreciated by the audience of Indian Punjab.

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