Cholly Knickerbocker

Cholly Knickerbocker is a pseudonym used by a series of society columnists writing for papers including the New York American and its successor, the New York Journal-American.[1]

The name came from the perceived New York upper-crust pronunciation of "Charlie", and the pseudonym of Washington Irving "Diedrich Knickerbocker".[1]

Users of Cholly Knickerbocker

  • John W. Keller, New York Recorder, 1891-1896
  • Keller, New York American, 1896-?
  • Several others, New York American, ?-1919[1]
  • Maury Henry Biddle Paul, 1919-1942
  • Paul, New York American, 1919-1937
  • Paul, ''New York Journal-American'', 1937-1942
  • Igor Cassini (with Liz Smith), New York Journal-American, c. 1945-1963
  • Charles A. Van Rensselaer, New York Journal-American, 1963-1963

"Cholly Knickerbocker" is also referenced in the Paramount Pictures film Sabrina (1954).

Users of Suzy Knickerbocker


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