Chinese university ranking (Wu Shulian)

The Chinese university ranking is a ranking of universities in Mainland China compiled by Wu Shulian. He has been studying "Chinese University Ranking" since 1991 and leader of "Chinese University Ranking Research Group".


The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese University Alumni Association, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and many other academic organizations constantly ranks universities in mainland China and in the World in many aspects/fields, including the general ranking, rankings of engineering, natural sciences, medicine, social sciences, law, philosophy, management, etc. This college ranking has met with controversies in China, and counters criticisms that its biased metrics debase many highly respected universities but inflate many second-tier universities.

The leader of this university ranking program is Wu Shulian, who's claimed to be a researcher at the Academy (Guangdong branch). However, his position has not been confirmed by the Chinese Academy of Management Science.[1][2] There are not much information about the ranking team. Some sources claim that the team leader Wu Shulian was born in Shandong, studied electronic engineering at Tsinghua University and got master's degree of management engineering from Zhejiang University.

The methodology of this ranking is quite similar to the Academic Ranking of World Universities. As any university ranking, this ranking has also continuously suffered with numerous criticisms.

Top 100 universities

The annual ranking has been continuously released since 1996. Top 100 universities out of 2,236 colleges and universities (general/integrated ranking) since 2002 are as below, as well as 1996 ranking.

University (membership of C9 League/Project 985)19962003200420052006200720082009201020112012
Zhejiang University (C9-985)43333333311
Peking University (C9-985)32222222222
Tsinghua University (C9-985)11111111133
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (C9-985)217764444444
Fudan University (C9-985)64445666555
Nanjing University (C9-985)26656555666
Wuhan University (985)2099888910787
Sun Yat-sen University (985)191011101012128978
University of Science and Technology of China (C9-985)10151511131177131617
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (985)755777898911
Jilin University (985)15889991111121212
Xi'an Jiaotong University (C9-985)512121412101012141415
Sichuan University (985)271310121113131310109
Harbin Institute of Technology (C9-985)811131314141414111110
Nankai University (985)2519191817171615161514
Shandong University (985)2314141515151516151313
Beijing Normal University (985)4325222019191817202022
Tianjin University (985)1818161616161718212220
Central South University (985)3216171718181919171716
Southeast University (985)921202122232020181919
Renmin University of China (985)4435282624202221191821
Beihang University (985)1422232323222322252727
Xiamen University (985)4224252221212123262323
Dalian University of Technology (985)1130262727252424222118
Tongji University (985)2923212426242625232525
South China University of Technology (985)3520242525272726242424
Chongqing University (985)3433313029282827272626
Lanzhou University (985)3341423233313028292929
Northwestern Polytechnical University (985)1226292828262529282828
East China Normal University (985)3936343332302930313333
Beijing Institute of Technology (985)5032363735333131303030
China Agricultural University (985)1329303130293232333131
Hunan University (985)3845434340343333323232
Northeastern University (985)2227272931323434464646
Zhengzhou University5144444439363535353434
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics1752474544393636363736
East China University of Science and Technology3134353636383837343535
Soochow University6437393938353738423637
Nanjing Agricultural University4750504945424039403938
Wuhan University of Technology6338384242403940394242
Shanghai University4943455254504341383841
University of Science and Technology Beijing2640403843434242504951
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (985)3756564849474843374039
Southwest University93917951514645414343
Northeast Normal University3658605958544943434444
Xidian University4653554746454446474545
Northwest A&F University (985)57495452495347494848
Jinan University8449515348444748545249
Nanjing University of Science and Technology3046464650485149484747
Huazhong Normal University5254575857555050455867
Weifang University55525555535551515453
China University of Mining and Technology2431333541414552538587
Nanjing Normal University7047485153525253645154
Yangzhou University7451545760575754444140
Huazhong Agricultural University6960585656566255616558
Northwest University9548535047465456626163
Ocean University of China (985)5464656059585657605756
Hunan Normal University6261616665606158596268
Beijing Jiaotong University5366677370626059525557
South China Normal University6165666261595960565962
Beijing University of Chemical Technology7586746966615861575655
Shaanxi Normal University8084837571676362666060
Nanchang University9771738868666563636361
Shanxi University80726464636464696870
Hohai University8581707169646665676664
Beijing University of Technology8159646874746766656465
South China Agricultural University8370756562696867827977
Jiangnan University101+101+101+94857368585352
Donghua University75868477827569555050
Nanjing University of Technology72636775707070778078
Fuzhou University69778379727271837774
China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)42374134656972727273
Yanshan University91798182757473737375
Henan University5997101+9387837774716766
Zhejiang University of Technology100929191888075747071
Harbin Engineering University9096897878797176817569
Hebei University82818681777677807880
Jiangsu University73717783817978757472
Shandong Agricultural University238780767673817993101+101+
Hefei University of Technology6879858786877880687176
Xiangtan University9889938990898581788382
Capital University of Medical Sciences63596163688282706959
China University of Petroleum (Qingdao, Shandong Province)4839414037374183858489
Yunnan University67697272788384797679
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law74627480768685869088
China Medical University62686367718786101+101+101+
Southern Medical University101+101+101+101+80888798101+101+
China University of Geosciences (Beijing)42374134918988898893
North China Electric Power University101+95101+100949289768184
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics85768584909090888283
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications89941009285868491878781
China Pharmaceutical University101+101+101+96101+9792909485
Shandong Normal University659997949795919395101+101+
Heilongjiang University101+101+101+101+101+9694949291
Capital Normal University101+101+101+101+101+101+95929395
Shanghai Normal University989697101+101+9896959596
Anhui University959898101+101+9997101+101+100
Fujian Normal University7792101+101+101+101+10098101+101+101+
Taiyuan University of Technology798884808999101+99101+101+101+
Kunming University of Science and Technology839090959393100101+101+101+



In 2009, the leader of this university ranking program, Mr. Wu Shulian, was reported to have been involved in a fee-for-ranking scandal, involving universities being able to pay money to the ranking program in order to boost their rankings.[4] Consequently, the creditability of his ranking came under criticism.

The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China strongly opposes all university rankings, especially those based on payment of “fees”, a ministry spokeswoman Xu Mei said. The sharp comments came in response to a recent story that Chengdu University of Technology (CDUT) had possibly paid to climb the “China university rankings” table.[5] The university had invited “program director” Wu Shulian to lecture in 2004 and in 2006, a source at the university told the Beijing-based People's Daily. After Wu had received his 50,000 yuan “remittance”, the school's ranking rose from 116 in 2004 to 92 in 2007. It fell to 103 in 2009, People's Daily reported.[2]

A study (referred as the study within this paragraph) by anonymous group from Chinese University of Science and Technology showed that California Institute of Technology would rank out of this Chinese university ranking if calculated by Wu Shulian's ranking standard, which was considered ridiculous.[6] This widespread controversy has greatly affected the credit of this ranking program and has been reported by many medias.[7][8] Mr. Wu Shuliang officially responded with published paper in Higher Education Development and Evaluation,[9][10] addressing several important mistakes made by the study. The mistakes include failure to correctly use Mr. Wu Shuliang's ranking method, failure to show the calculation process and thus cannot be repeated, inappropriate publishing classified data by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, inappropriate use of unavailable/non-equivalent indices/scores for California Institute of Technology which constitutes 78.79% of total indices/scores.[11][12] Mr. Wu Shuliang's paper shows California Institute of Technology clearly ranks much higher than any of Chinese Universities using his published method with proper treatment.

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