China Railways HXN5

The GE ES59ACi, also known as the HXN5 or China Mainline Locomotive, is a type of diesel locomotive built by GE Transportation Systems and Qishuyan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works for use on freight trains from Harbin to Qiqihar and Mudanjiang in the People's Republic of China.[1]

Type and origin
Power typeDiesel-electric
CSR Qishuyan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works
Build date2008-2010
Total produced300
Gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Length22,295 mm (73 ft 1.8 in)
Width3,119 mm (10 ft 2.80 in)
Height4,775 mm (15 ft 7.99 in)
Axle load25 t (24.6 long tons; 27.6 short tons)
Loco weight150 t (148 long tons; 165 short tons)
Prime moverGEVO16
Displacement251.33 L (66.39 US gal; 55.28 imp gal)
Cylinder size250 mm × 320 mm (9.843 in × 12.598 in)
bore x stroke
Loco brakeStraight air and dynamic
Performance figures
Maximum speed120 km/h (75 mph)
Power output6,250 hp (4,660 kW)
5,572 hp (4,155 kW) @ wheel
Tractive effort620 kN (140,000 lbf) (starting)
565 kN (127,000 lbf) @ 22.3 km/h (14 mph) (continuous)
LocalePeople's Republic of China

In October 2005, China Railway ordered 700 ES59ACi Evolution Series locomotives from GE Transportation Systems and Qishuyan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works for delivery in 2008-2009.[2] Two have been built at Erie, Pennsylvania in 2008; the rest were assembled by Qishuyan at Changzhou in 2008-2010. The first Chinese made loco was unveiled on 25 November 2008.[1] The initial order was reduced from 700 to an actual 300 units produced.

The locomotive is equipped with a GE GEVO-16 engine, with an output of 6,250 horsepower (4,660 kW).

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