Chilko River

The Chilko River is a 75-kilometre-long (47 mi) river in the Chilcotin District of the Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada, flowing northeast from Chilko Lake to the Chilcotin River.[2] Its main tributary is the Taseko River.

Chilko River
Chilko River and cliffs made of lava flows and ash beds from former extensive volcanic activity in this region.
ProvinceBritish Columbia
Physical characteristics
SourceChilko Lake
  locationChilcotin Plateau
  coordinates51°37′33″N 124°8′30″W
  elevation1,166 m (3,825 ft)[1]
MouthChilcotin River
Upstream from Bull Canyon
52°5′47″N 123°27′37″W[2]
739 m (2,425 ft)[1]
Length75 km (47 mi)
Basin size6,880 km2 (2,660 sq mi)[3]
  locationnear mouth[3]
  average88.2 m3/s (3,110 cu ft/s)[3]
  minimum7.79 m3/s (275 cu ft/s)
  maximum482 m3/s (17,000 cu ft/s)
Basin features
  rightTaseko River

The Chilko is the Chilcotin River's main tributary. In fact at their confluence the Chilko River is quite a bit larger than the Chilcotin. It is also the main reason why the lower reaches of the Chilcotin are very silty. The Chilko gets most of its silt from the Taseko River, which joins it a few kilometers above the Chilko's mouth.

Name origin

The name derives from the Chilcotin language name Tŝilhqóx,[4] meaning "ochre river".[5] The related name of the Chilcotin River is from that of the Tsilhqot'in people, meaning "people of the ochre river".[6]

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