Childhood Memories (song)

"Childhood Memories" was the fourth single to be released by British Sea Power. Despite its low chart position and not being included on any album (reducing the numbers who know the song), it is a live favourite and is still a regular in the band's setlists. The lyrics contrast with childlike structure of the music, dealing with meltdown of Nuclear power plant. This track was previously known as "Memories of Childhood!".Acoustic guitar and keyboards are prominent throughout the track. The 7" release was wrongly labeled as having "Favours in the Beetroot Fields" as the flipside, whereas it is actually "Strange Communication". It peaked at a lowly number 90 on the UK Singles Chart.[1]

"Childhood Memories"
Single by British Sea Power
Released4 November 2002
FormatCD, 7" Vinyl
LengthCD 9:01
7" 7:42
LabelRough Trade Records
Songwriter(s)Martin Noble, Jan Scott Wilkinson, Neil Hamilton Wilkinson, Matthew Wood
Producer(s)Mads Bjerke
British Sea Power singles chronology
"The Lonely"
"Childhood Memories"
"Carrion/Apologies to Insect Life"

Track listings

  1. "Childhood Memories" (Yan/BSP) 3:35
  2. "Favours in the Beetroot Fields" (Yan/BSP) 1:19
  3. "Strange Communication" (Yan/BSP) 4:07

7" Vinyl (RTRADES069)

  1. "Childhood Memories" (Yan/BSP) 3:35
  2. "Strange Communication" (Yan/BSP) 4:07


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