Chief of the Defence Staff (Sierra Leone)

The Chief of the Defense Staff (CDS) is the professional head of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces. He is responsible for the administration and the operational control of the Sierra Leonean military. It is the highest rank military position in the country.

Chief of the Defence Staff of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces
Coat of arms of Sierra Leone
Lieutenant general Brima Sesay

since 30 November 2017
Ministry of Defence
Reports toMinister of Defence
NominatorPresident of Sierra Leone
AppointerParliament of Sierra Leone

In 1985, General Joseph Saidu Momoh, the army commander, succeed President Siaka Stevens. It is not clear what exactly Momoh's title was but it seems likely that he was the senior Sierra Leonean military officer and held the predecessor to the CDS's post.

Brigadier-General Tom Carew was Chief of Defence Staff from April 2000 to November 2003. He may have been promoted to Major General during his tenure.[1] Major General Alfred Nelson-Williams was the Chief of the Defence Staff of the Republic of the Armed Forces, between 2008-2010. Nelson-Williams succeeded the retiring Major General Edward Sam M'boma on 12 September 2008.[2] The current chief is Lieutenant general Brima Sesay.[3]

List of Chiefs

No. Picture Chief of the Defense StaffTook officeLeft officeTime in officeRef
195719624–5 years[4]
Lansana, DavidBrigadier
David Lansana
196219674–5 years[4]
Juxon-Smith, Andrew TerenceBrigadier
Andrew Terence Juxon-Smith
196719680–1 years[4]
Bangura, John AmaduBrigadier
John Amadu Bangura
196819712–3 years[4]
Momoh, Joseph SaiduMajor General
Joseph Saidu Momoh
197128 November 198513–14 years[4]
Tarawallie, M.S.Major General
M.S. Tarawallie
198519926–7 years[4]
Gottor, JusuMajor General
Jusu Gottor
199219941–2 years[4]
Conteh, KellieBrigadier
Kellie Conteh
199419950–1 years[4]
Bio, Julius MaadaBrigadier
Julius Maada Bio
199519960–1 years[4]
Turay, JoyBrigadier
Joy Turay
199619960 years[4]
Conteh, HassanBrigadier
Hassan Conteh
199619970–1 years[4]
Khobe, MaxwellBrigadier
Maxwell Mitikishi Khobe
Carew, TomBrigadier general
Tom Carew
April 2000November 20033 years, 7 months[1]
M'boma, EdwardMajor general
Edward Sam M'boma
?12 September 2008.[5][2]
Nelson-Williams, AlfredMajor general
Alfred Nelson-Williams
12 September 2008August 20101 year, 10 months[6]
Koroma, RobertMajor general
Robert Yira Koroma
August 201020121–2 years[6]
Williams, SamuelLieutenant general
Samuel Omar Williams
24 July 201220163–4 years[4]
Milton, JohnLieutenant general
John Edson Milton
(born 1960)
201629 November 20170–1 years[4]
Sesay, BrimaLieutenant general
Brima Sesay
(born 1965)
29 November 2017Incumbent1 year, 346 days[3]


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