Chief of the Armed Forces (France)

In France, the Chief of the Armed Forces (French: chef des armées, lit. 'Chief of the Armies') is the supreme authority for military matters, an executive role vested in the President of the Republic.[1] This role is given to the President with Article 15 of the constitution.

Chief of the Armed Forces
Chef des armées
Commander-in-chief role
Emblem of the French Republic
Emmanuel Macron

since 14 May 2017
French Armed Forces
Vested inPresident of France
StatusSupreme authority for military matters
ResidenceÉlysée Palace
Constituting instrumentConstitution of France

Powers and Duties

The Chief of the Armed Forces has the power and/or duty to:

  • Command and control the armed forces such at will.
  • Preside over meetings of the national defense councils and committees, which determine overall military strategy.[2]
  • Appoint and dismiss the most senior military officers (the Chief of the Defence Staff for example).
  • Decide the necessary amount of resources for the armed forces.
  • Order a direct nuclear strike (sole official who has this power).
  • Initiate a military intervention in other countries.


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