Chicago Cab

Chicago Cab, also known as Hellcab, is a 1997 American film directed by Mary Cybulski and John Tintori. It is based on a play by Will Kern.

Chicago Cab (or Hellcab)
Directed byMary Cybulski
John Tintori
Produced bySuzanne De Walt
Paul Dillon
Written byWill Kern
Music byPage Hamilton
CinematographyHubert Taczanowski
Edited byMary Cybulski
John Tintori
Child's Will Productions
GFT Entertainment
New Crime Productions
Distributed byCastle Hill Productions
Release date
October 1997 (Chicago International Film Festival)
September 18, 1998 (theatrical)
Running time
96 mins
CountryUnited States
Box office$23,946


The film follows an unnamed taxi driver (played by Paul Dillon) over one day in Chicago, shortly before Christmas. More than 30 passengers enter his taxi throughout the course of the film, providing brief looks into their personal lives.[1] Among the actors giving cameo appearances are Gillian Anderson, John Cusack, Laurie Metcalf, Julianne Moore, John C. Reilly, Michael Shannon, Michael Ironside, and Reggie Hayes.

Release and reception

Chicago Cab had its premiere at the Chicago International Film Festival in October 1997, where it was nominated for a Golden Hugo Award. It was not released in movie theatres until September 18, 1998, when it played in two venues and earned $23,946.[2]

The film received criticism for having unrealistic taxi passengers, since all of the characters have an exciting story.[1] Roger Ebert, however, gave it three stars out of four, saying "Drama is always made of the emotional high points."[1] Emanuel Levy also gave a positive review: "A compassionate portrait of a lonely cabbie is at the center of the serio comedy ... [the passengers] highlight perceptively the funny, scary and dreary moments in a typical working day of a city cab driver."[3]

Chicago Cab was released on DVD on April 7, 2009.[4]



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