Chicago Bruins

The Chicago Bruins were an American basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois that was a member of the American Basketball League. The Bruins later played in the National Basketball League (1939-1942) and World Professional Basketball Tournament.


Year League Reg. Season Playoffs
1925/26 ABL 7th (1st half); 7th (2nd half) Did not qualify
1926/27 ABL 7th (1st half); 6th (2nd half) Did not qualify
1927/28 ABL 3rd, Western Did not qualify
1928/29 ABL 4th (1st half); 7th (2nd half) Did not qualify
1929/30 ABL 4th (1st half); 3rd (2nd half) Did not qualify
1930/31 ABL 5th (1st half); 1st(t) (2nd half) 2nd Half Tiebreaker


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