Cheyenne Rides Again

Cheyenne Rides Again is a 1937 western film directed by Robert F. Hill. It stars Tom Tyler and Lon Chaney Jr.. Much as did Alfred Hitchcock in his own films, director Hill appears in a cameo as townsman "Bartender Ed".[1]

Cheyenne Rides Again
DVD artwork
Directed byRobert F. Hill
Produced bySam Katzman
Written byAlfred Block
CinematographyWilliam Hyer
Edited byCharles Henkel
Distributed by
Release date
Running time
56 minutes
CountryUnited States


Tom 'Cheyenne Tommy' Wade (Tom Tyler), is a lawman who poses as a gang member in an attempt to expose Girard (Lon Chaney Jr.), a fraudulent cattle thief. He steals one thousand dollars from the thief, promising to return it if he can join the gang, while plotting a way to expose them as thieves. As Cheyenne is let into the gang, he begins to blackmail the leader, forcing him to let more law enforcers join the gang, eventually outnumbering them and finally arresting the thieves for good.



Reception for Cheyenne Rides Again was generally positive. Film historian Hal J. Wollstein wrote that: "The Katzman stamp of poverty is all over this Victory Pictures production, but it is fun to watch Tyler and Chaney, both of whom would later star as the mummy, Kharis, for Universal in the '40s."[2] TV Guide offered that while the film was not very good, Tom Tyler's character kept the film moving.[3]


The film aired on television on January 9, 1965 as one of the many western films shared on The Wild Bill Elliott Show.[4] Alpha Video released Cheyenne Rides Again on DVD on April 27, 2010.[2]


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