Cheyenne's Pal

Cheyenne's Pal is a 1917 American silent Western film directed by John Ford and featuring Harry Carey. The film is considered to be lost.[1]

Cheyenne's Pal
Directed byJohn Ford
Written by
  • John Ford
  • Charles J. Wilson
StarringHarry Carey
CinematographyFriend Baker
Release date
  • August 4, 1917 (1917-08-04)
Running time
20 minutes
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)


As described in a film magazine,[2] Noisy Jim (Corey), a British officer, is anxious to purchase Cactus Peter, the horse belonging to Cheyenne Harry (Carey), but Harry refuses to sell. Harry meets Flora Belle (Astor) one night at the dance hall. Since its pay day, Harry spends all of his money on her, and when he runs out she looks around for someone else who still has money to spend.

Angered, Harry goes out, sells Cactus Pete, and returns with more money. When he awakens the next day from his drunken stupor and realizes what he has done, he is consumed with regret and goes to recover his horse. He steels his horse, but is ordered shot for the act. When the fatal hour nears, the British officer relents and Harry is allowed to go free.



Filming took place over a three-day period (May 23–25, 1917) under the working titles Cactus My Pal and The Dumb Friend. The finished film was released by Universal Studios as a 20-minute silent film on two reels. The film is part of the "Cheyenne Harry" series of film featurettes, and was initially released as a promotional tool for the sale of American war bonds during World War I.[3]

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