Cherry City Roller Derby

Cherry City Roller Derby (CCRD) is a flat track roller derby league based in Salem, Oregon and a 501c Non-Profit Organization. Cherry City is a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).[1]

Cherry City Roller Derby
Metro areaSalem, OR
CountryUnited States
TeamsEight Wheeled Asassins (A-Team)
Boneyard Brawlers
Capital Punishers
Track type(s)Flat
VenueMadhouse Salem Armory Auditorium
Org. type501c

History and structure

Cherry City formed as Cherry City Derby Girls in 2009, with the prompting of Ryan Rogers of Culture Shock of Salem.[2] There were no tryouts initially and over 100 women signed up for the league. The first official practice occurred on April 6, 2009 as documented by blogger Emily Grosvenor.[3] The league's formal end-of-season event called the Black and Red Ball commemorates this event in April each year.

CCRD also hosts a junior roller derby program for boys and girls ages 10 to 18 called the Cherry Blossoms (CB).

By March 2010, Cherry City was attracting more than 3,000 fans to its bouts,[4] while the team's skaters ranged from 18 to over 50 years old.[5]

The league was accepted into the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Apprentice Program in July 2010,[6] and became a full member of the WFTDA in December 2012.[7]

Cherry City played their first-WFTDA sanctioned game on March 30, 2013, defeating the Sick Town Derby Dames 233-158. In September 2013, Cherry City hosted a WFTDA Division 1 Playoff,[8] and was featured as "League of the Month" for October.[9]

Cherry City changed its name to a more gender-neutral banner in 2016, to Cherry City Roller Derby.[10] The change was aimed to be more gender-inclusive to non-cisgender members and volunteers. This also reflected a change in the junior program which now began to allow all genders.

At the end of Season 9 in May 2018, CCRD retired the four home teams of Dolls of Anarchy, Thrill Kill Kittens, Rydell Belles, and Panty Raiders in order to facilitate a restructure for Season 10. Season 10 is scheduled to open with three newly formed teams in September 2018, the Eight Wheeled Assassins, Boneyard Brawlers, and the Capital Punishers. The Eight Wheel Assassins (8WA) is a travel team, which competes against teams from other leagues throughout the WFTDA. The Boneyard Brawlers (BYB) competes more regionally, and the Capital Punishers (CP) compete on a strictly local level.

WFTDA rankings

Season Final ranking[11] Playoffs Championship
2013 114 WFTDA[12] DNQ DNQ
2014 171 WFTDA[13] DNQ DNQ
2015 124 WFTDA[14] DNQ DNQ
2016 123 WFTDA[15] DNQ DNQ
2017 192 WFTDA[16] DNQ DNQ


Though skating members pay for their membership, many people involved in the CCRD community do not. Often these hard working affiliates of the CCRD league are volunteers that help with Bout Production. These affiliates enable CCRD to maintain quality bout productions while lowering the overhead costs of these events. Without the help of the community and their volunteers, CCRD would not be able to thrive as it does today. Because of this, CCRD is always extremely grateful for the volunteers that have come from the community.

Affiliated charities

There are six charities that are affiliated with CCRD currently. These charities receive 100% of the proceeds from raffle tickets that are sold during roller derby bouts hosted by CCRD. Additionally, CCRD will participate in events as volunteers with these charities throughout the year.

CCRD is also named as a caretaker in the Adopt a Street program for Salem, Oregon.

Cherry City Roller Derby is responsible for a section of D Street in Salem, Oregon running from 5th street to 20th street. The quarterly event they hold is called the "D Street Clean-Up" by CCRD members. Adult and junior skaters, and CCRD affiliates can be seen on this stretch of street periodically throughout the year in orange vests cleaning the neighborhood.


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