Chaudière-Appalaches (French pronunciation: [ʃodjɛʁ apalaʃ]) is an administrative region in Quebec, Canada. It comprises most of what is historically known as the "Beauce" (French: La Beauce; compare with the electoral district of Beauce). It is named for the Chaudière River and the Appalachian Mountains.

Map of Chaudière-Appalaches within Quebec.
Coordinates: 46°29′N 70°37′W
Country Canada
Province Quebec
  Regional conference of elected officersMaurice Sénécal (President)
  Land15,083.25 km2 (5,823.68 sq mi)
  Density27.9/km2 (72/sq mi)

Chaudière-Appalaches has a population of 420,082 residents (as of the Canada 2016 Census) and a land area of 15,083.25 square kilometres (5,823.68 sq mi).[1] The main cities are Lévis, Saint-Georges, Thetford Mines, Sainte-Marie and Montmagny.


Regional County Municipalities

Regional County Municipality (RCM) Population
Canada 2016 Census[2]
Land Area Density
(pop. per km2)
Seat of RCM
Beauce-Sartigan 52,406 1,954.50 km2 (754.64 sq mi) 26.8 Saint-Georges
Bellechasse 37,233 1,751.06 km2 (676.09 sq mi) 21.3 Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse
La Nouvelle-Beauce 36,785 905.58 km2 (349.65 sq mi) 40.6 Sainte-Marie
Les Appalaches 42,346 1,912.49 km2 (738.42 sq mi) 22.1 Thetford Mines
Les Etchemins 16,536 1,810.05 km2 (698.86 sq mi) 9.1 Lac-Etchemin
L'Islet 17,798 2,100.02 km2 (810.82 sq mi) 8.5 Saint-Jean-Port-Joli
Lotbinière 31,741 1,662.27 km2 (641.81 sq mi) 19.1 Sainte-Croix
Montmagny 22,698 1,698.13 km2 (655.65 sq mi) 13.4 Montmagny
Robert-Cliche 19,125 840.10 km2 (324.36 sq mi) 22.8 Beauceville

Equivalent territory

Territory Equivalent to a RCM (TE) Population
Canada 2016 Census[2]
Land Area Density
(pop. per km2)
Seat of RCM
Lévis 143,414 449.05 km2 (173.38 sq mi) 319.4 Lévis

Major communities


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