Charlotte Davis Mooers

Charlotte Davis Mooers (24 March 1924 – 17 March 2005)[2] was an American computer scientist whose research on programming languages began during World War II and continued through the early-1990s.[1]

Charlotte Davis Mooers
Portrait by Fremont Davis.[1]
Charlotte Davis

(1924-03-24)March 24, 1924
Washington, DC
DiedMarch 17, 2005(2005-03-17) (aged 80)
Burial placeHillside Cemetery, Hancock, NH
OccupationComputer scientist
Spouse(s)Calvin Northrup Mooers


Born in Washington, DC on 25 March 1924,[2] Charlotte was the daughter of Watson Davis, director of the Washington-based news organization Science Service, and Helen Miles Davis, editor of Chemistry magazine.[3]

In a letter to her husband on 2 September 1945, Helen Davis wrote that Charlotte and Calvin Mooers were discussing marriage,[3] and the two eventually wed.[4]


During World War II, Davis worked for the Naval Ordnance Laboratory.[3] In 1945, she was transferred to a facility in Newport, Rhode Island, but returned to the facility near Washington by early September that year.[3] She was part of the Acoustic Division and, at one point, was under the supervision of John Bardeen, inventor of the transistor.[4]

In 1947, she and her husband Calvin Mooers coauthored an electronics book for the general public, Electronics: What Everyone Should Know.[5] In 1949, the two invented a card selecting device for use with the punched cards that were used for information retrieval using zatocoding; they were granted a patent in 1954.[6]

In the 1970s and 1980s, she worked on the HERMES Message System at Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc.[7][8]


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