Charley's Nieces

Charley's Nieces (German: Charlys Nichten) is a 1974 West German comedy film directed by Walter Boos and starring Josef Moosholzer, Bertram Edelmann and Massimo E. Melis.[1] The film's title is a reference to Brandon Thomas's farce Charley's Aunt. It is also known by the alternative title of Confessions of a Sexy Photographer.

Charley's Nieces
Directed byWalter Boos
Written by
  • Valentin Gorlov
  • August Rieger
CinematographyWerner Kurz
TV13 Filmproduktion
Distributed byTemplate:Startplanlist
Release date
10 May 1974
Running time
75 minutes
CountryWest Germany

Three men disguise themselves as women in order to get jobs in a photographer's studio.


  • Josef Moosholzer as Max
  • Bertram Edelmann as Stefan
  • Massimo E. Melis as Luigi
  • Karel Otto as Charly Braun
  • Elke Boltenhagen as Gerlinde
  • Eva Gross as Resi
  • Patrizia Viotti as Claude
  • Orchidea de Santis as Dominique
  • Jean-Marie Dany as Li
  • Florian Endlicher as Jackyboy
  • Elisabeth Volkmann as Berta Schwarzkopf
  • Günther Kieslich as Albert Schwarzkopf
  • Nico Wolferstetter as Kurt Hellwig
  • Josef Fröhlich as Johann
  • Edgar Wenzel as Konrad
  • Marie Luise Lusewitz as Anna
  • Rosl Mayr as Frau Boesig
  • Ulrich Beiger as Dr. Stingl
  • Susanne Baer as Bernhardina
  • Hartmut Neugebauer as Knall
  • Anneliese Groebl as Dicke
  • Willy Schultes as Gerichtsvollzieher
  • Felicitas Peters as Kundin von Stefan
  • Doris Delaas as Kundin
  • Elke Deuringer as Kundin
  • Heinz Kopitz as Johannas Freund
  • Ursula Reit as Krankenschwester


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