Charles Schneider (businessman)

Charles Schneider (June 28, 1898 – August 6, 1960) was a French businessman. He served as the Chairman of Schneider Electric from 1942 to 1960.

Charles Schneider
Charles Marie Bernard Henri Schneider

June 28, 1898
DiedAugust 6, 1960 (1960-08-07) (aged 62)
Saint-Tropez, France
Spouse(s)Lilian Constantini
ChildrenDominique Schneidre
Parent(s)Eugène Schneider, II
Antoinette de Rafélis de Saint-Sauveur
RelativesJean Schneider (brother)
Germaine Dulac (cousin)

Early life

Charles Schneider was born on June 28, 1898 in Paris, France.[1][2] His father was Eugène Schneider, II.[1] His mother was Antoinette de Rafélis de Saint-Sauveur.[1] He had two brothers, Henri-Paul and Jean, and a sister, Marie-Zélie. His cousin, Germaine Dulac, was a filmmaker.[3]

During World War I, he served in the French Army from 1916 to 1918, retiring as Second Lieutenant.[1] He received the Croix de Guerre for his service.[1]


Schneider became a co-manager of the family business with his brother Jean in 1918.[1] However, due to managerial disagreements with their father, they were fired in 1924.[1] As a result, Schneider worked for the Gaumont Film Company.[1]

In February 1942, Schneider was appointed as an official at the Comité d’ORganization de la SIDérurgie (later known as the Comité des forges).[1] After his father's death in November 1942, he became the co-Chairman of the family business with his brother Jean.[1][4] From his brother's death in 1944 to 1960, he served as its sole Chairman.[1][4]

Personal life

He married Lilian Constantini, an actress, in 1943.[1][3] Their daughter, Dominique Schneidre, is a novelist.[3]


He died on August 6, 1960 in Saint-Tropez.[1][2]


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