Charles River (Alice Springs)

The Charles River, which is often called Charles Creek is an ephemeral river in the southern Northern Territory. It is a tributary of the Todd River and, like the Todd River, its naming is associated with Charles Todd; a senior civil servant involved with the Overland Telegraph Line.[1]

The Arrernte name for the river is Anthelke Ulpaye[2][3] and this name is shared with a nearby Alice Springs Town Camp which is situated on its banks; the Alice Springs Telegraph Station, which was once The Bungalow is also situated close by.

Charles River is 19 kilometres (12 mi) long and has a catchment area of 39 kilometres (24 mi) and it flows into Alice Springs from the MacDonnell Ranges to ANZAC Hill, where it joins with the Todd River.[4] The area where the Charles and Todd Rivers meet is called Tyuretye (sometimes spelt Choritja) by the Arrernte people as the true central point of Alice Springs.[3]

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