Charles, Dead or Alive

Charles, Dead or Alive (French: Charles mort ou vif) is a 1970 Swiss drama film directed by Alain Tanner.

Charles, Dead or Alive
Directed byAlain Tanner
StarringFrançois Simon
Marcel Robert
Marie-Claire Dufour
CinematographyRenato Berta
Release date
  • 15 January 1970 (1970-01-15)
Running time
93 minutes
Box office$785.000[1]


Produced in reaction to the Protests of 1968, it describes the mid-life crisis of a businessman who decides to drop out of mainstream capitalist life and takes up with couple living a marginal existence on the fringe of society.[2] Meanwhile his daughter has been caught up in a wave of student protest. According to Alison Smith, the Swiss director Tanner translated the May 1968 events in France to Switzerland, hoping for a similar upheaval in his own country, and in the film creating an imaginary student revolt in a society that in reality did not experience the turmoil or revolutionary possibility facing France in May 1968.[3]




1969 Locarno International Film Festival[4]


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