Channel Seven Perth Telethon

The Channel Seven Perth Telethon, known simply as Telethon, is an annual telethon established in 1968 by philanthropist Sir James Cruthers and Brian Treasure[1] and produced by TVW, a Seven Network-owned television station in Perth, Western Australia raising money for over 50 beneficiaries[2] each year including Perth Children's Hospital, Telethon Kids Institute. Channel Seven’s Perth Telethon is the highest donating Telethon (per capita) in the world with it surpassing A$100 million in total donations in 2010, $200 million in 2015, and $300 million in 2018.[3]

The Channel 7 Telethon Trust is the charitable trust behind the event and its related fundraising activities. The philosophy behind the Channel 7 Telethon Trusts to financially support the medical and social welfare of children and young people and to fund research into children's diseases.


In 1968, Channel 7 executives Sir James Cruthers and Brian Treasure created a 24-hour live event that has become Australia's most successful television fundraiser. During the last 51 years, the WA public have raised over $306 million through Telethon, with this money going to more than 150 hospitals, medical and research facilities and non-for-profit community organisations to support their excellent work in child wellbeing. One of our major partners is the Perth Children's Hospital – and thanks to funding, PCH has established the Telethon Clinical Research Centre, a world-class facility giving young people access to the latest cutting-edge therapies. We are also proud to lend our name to the Telethon Kids Institute, an international leader in child health research. Initially headed up by Professor Fiona Stanley and now led by paediatrician and infectious diseases specialist Professor Jonathan Carapetis, here over 700 staff are discovering causes, cures and treatments for illnesses and diseases that target our kids. Last year, 51 organisations received an extraordinary $38m in grants from the Channel 7 Telethon Trust, changing the lives of children in our state and across the world.[4] [5]


Telethon began in 1968, when the Trust was established by a group of senior executives at Channel 7 Perth [6] Before moving to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, it was previously held at Channel 7 studios at Dianella, Western Australia.

Michael Jackson appeared on the October 1985 Telethon as part of a deal with Western Australian millionaire Robert Holmes à Court (who owned the television station at the time) to acquire ATV Music Publishing.[7][8][9] Jackson could not perform due to contractual reasons, but he spoke briefly and met the two "Little Telethon Stars".[8]

2007 marked 40 years since Telethon began in Western Australia and raised more than $6.5 million. This was more than double the previous record amount of $3 million.[10] Telethon 2008 raised a further $7.5 million, with the Australian Federal Government contributing $1.5 million, and a lottery winner donating $1 million of her winnings to the cause.[11] The 2008 event also featured an Australian rules football match between old West Coast Eagles players and old Fremantle Dockers players in tribute to Chris Mainwaring, a former West Coast Eagles player and 7 news sports presenter who had died the previous year.[12] This match ran until 2012.[13]

In 2010, Telethon broke its record set in 2008, raising $9,237,539. This figure was later revised to $10 million as the phones kept ringing after the Telethon finished. In addition, 2010 marked the year in which the total amount collected over the previous 43 years surpassed the $100 million milestone.[14] This Telethon was touted by Seven Network owner Kerry Stokes as being "the best Telethon ever". In 2011, Telethon once again broke the previous record by raising $13,473,159. In 2012, Telethon broke several records, with the Telethon Home selling prior to auction for a record A$1.2 million. In addition, the final total broke the $15 million milestone, raising a record $16,805,622. The telecast featured a live performance via video from Elton John who was performing at the Gala Opening of the Perth Arena. In 2013, Telethon again broke the record, raising $20.7 million, which works out to be around $8.60 per head of population. The records continued to be broken in 2014, with a total of $25,271,542, due partly to a $20m five year commitment by BHP, while in 2015 $25.8 million was raised. 2016 saw $26,290,154 as the final total, which took Telethon's total raised over 49 years to $231,886,120.

In Telethon's 50th year in 2017, it raised $10 million more than its previous record amount, amounting to a total of $36,431,381.[15] In 2018, Telethon raised more than $38 million after a $2 million donation on behalf of Seven West Media at the last minute, which also saw the $300 million mark of total donations be broken.[16]

Annual summaries


Year Funds Raised (AUD) Telethon Home Auction (AUD) Little Telethon Stars[19] Notable Guests[20]
Metropolitan Regional
1968 $104,829 Maryanne Lazerides
1969 $147,000
1970 $166,000
1971 $177,587 Beth Crispin
1972 $210,792 $17,500 Amanda Rose
1973 $335,503 $24,750 Lisa Tucker & Karen Green
1974 $530,710
1975 $586,700 $9,350 Gavin O'Farrell
1976 $721,624 Louise Sauvage
1977 $905,000
1978 $887,376
1979 $909,327 Blanch Mathiot
1980 $1,071,503
1981 $1,338,002 Brooke Arbery
1982 $1,601,387 Cassandra Hughes
1983 $1,711,456 $97,000 Tara Dalla Costa Sammy Davis, Jr., Jackie Trent, Tony Hatch
1984 $2,143,000 $120,000[21] Peta Mears Cliff Richard, Gene Pitney
1985 $2,818,837 $132,000 Helen Francis & Luke Smith Michael Jackson, Jack Klugman
1986 $3,604,717 Amy Howell Petula Clark, Dame Edna Everage
1987 $3,510,000 $170,000 Matthew Webb, Melanie Hawks, Prudence Hawkins, Leigh Beardsley, Danny Desivieri & Samantha Williams Stevie Wonder
1988 $3,253,077 $225,000 Lisa Cutter Whitney Houston
1989 $3,253,077 $217,000 Holly Clarke John Farnham
1990 $3,204,657 $270,000 Matthew Gare
1991 $2,703,957 $262,000
1992 $2,710,438 $280,000 Celine Dion
1993 $2,004,905 $295,000 Edward Thompson & Amy Munro
1994 $2,264,770 $238,000 Ashley Harris
1995 $2,000,055 $127,500
1996 $2,005,470 $278,000 Gillian Bowater, Cassandra Domjahn, Lisa Nicholas, Kyle Rogers & Jonathon Williams
1997 $2,305,747 $330,000 Darren Woonings, Jordan Matthews & Georgia Lowry
1998 $2,465,750 $330,001 Tamara Brereton Julian Lennon
1999 $2,507,545 $335,021 Thomas Clarke Harry Connick, Jr.
2000 $2,395,947 $330,000 Holly Kneale & Chloe Kneale Phyllis Diller
2001 $2,587,137 $420,000 David Naso No Secrets
2002 $2,602,397 $505,000 $450,000 Natasha Haederle Shannon Chan-Kent
2003 $2,614,456 $480,323 $450,000 Annie Shreeve Emma Tate
2004 $2,867,467 $620,000 $630,000 Tayla Divitini Dan Russell
2005 $3,017,000 $608,000 $601,000 Nicholas Travia & Tahnee Hardy Kate Alexa
2006 $3,217,437 $739,000 $725,000 Teagan Bryam Paul Tylak, Damian Clarke, Derek Siow, Lisa Moule
2007 $6,527,576 $620,000 $500,000 Bridgette Gilmour Cascada
2008 $7,535,678 $830,000 $600,000 Taylor Tasseff & Claire Davies (Claire died two years later) Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Brian Drummond, Maryke Hendrikse, Tabitha St. Germain
2009 $6,374,775 $862,000 $600,000 Wade Clare & Trent Wailu Chaske Spencer (Twilight), Jimmy Barnes, Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian, Ian Moss
2010 $9,237,539 $865,000 $600,000 Phoebe McIndoe & Lachy Ross Carrie Fisher, Booboo Stewart, Kate Ceberano
2011 $13,473,159 $560,000 $460,000 Savanna Addis & Ben Popham (Savanna died in 2018 and a tribute was played during the 2018 broadcast) Def Leppard, Booboo Stewart, Potbelleez, Jon Stevens
2012 $16,805,622 $1,200,000 $620,000 Sophie Read & Conor Brown Elton John, Justice Crew, Daryl Braithwaite, Evermore, Adam Brand
2013 $20,701,272 $760,000 Tahlia Polmear & Jack Day Tina Arena, Samantha Jade, Johnny Ruffo, The Harlem Globetrotters
2014 $25,271,542 $700,000 $625,000 Patrick Majewski & Emily Prior James Reyne, Justice Crew, The Collective, The Kin
2015 $25,854,524 $707,500 $580,000 Alyssa Bolger & Jayton Carter Samantha Jade, Daryl Braithwaite, Nathaniel, Reigan Derry, Pseudo Echo, Dennis Locorriere (the voice of Dr. Hook)
2016 $26,695,154 $750,000 $600,000 (TBC) Cody Colmer & Hailey Ardagh Jessica Mauboy, Marcia Hines, Anthony Callea
2017 $35,431,381 $650,000 $900,000 Maddox Ball & Olivia Riley Olivia Tennet, Laura Daniel, Tammy Davis, Saraid Cameron, Ilah Cooper
2018 $38,000,554 $750,000 $344,908 Kaide Stratton & Charlotte Meredith[22] Leo Sayer & Lady Kitty Spencer
2019 $42,596,034 Callum Berrisford & Eva Molloy Guy Sebastian & Ricki Lee.


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