Channel 13 (Israel)

Channel 13 (Hebrew: ערוץ 13), also known as Reshet 13 (Hebrew: רשת 13), is an Israeli free-to-air television channel owned by Reshet. It was launched on 1 November 2017 as one of two replacements of the outgoing Channel 2.

Channel 13
Launched1 November 2017 (2017-11-01)
Owned byReshet
Picture format1080i HDTV
Broadcast areaIsrael
HaHadashot 13
HeadquartersRamat HaHayal, Tel Aviv
Digital terrestrial televisionChannel 13
YesChannel 13
HotChannel 13
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Israel's Channel 2 was operated by the Second Authority for Television and Radio, but was programmed by two rotating companies, Keshet Media Group and Reshet. As part of a larger series of reforms to Israel's broadcast system to increase diversity and competition, Channel 2 was shut down, and both broadcasters were granted their own, separate channels. Reshet 13 officially launched on 1 November 2017, alongside Keshet 12. The Israel Television News Company continued to provide news programmes for both channels; the main primetime bulletin is simulcast by both channels, while other programs are divided among the two channels.[1][2]

In June 2018, due to financial issues caused by the 2017 Channel 2 split, RGE (owner of Channel 10) filed a merger with this channel's parent company Reshet.[3] In October 2018, Reshet announced that the merger had cancelled.[4][5] Reshet's owners have since reconsidered the merger, and after a long battle with the Second Authority, the merger was approved,[6] and was scheduled for January 16, 2019. The merger saw certain programmes previously shown on Channel 10 moved to Reshet 13.



Being one of two direct replacements of Channel 2, Reshet 13 have broadcast news programmes produced by Israel Television News Company (which produced HaHadashot 2 for Channel 2), a company Reshet jointly owned with Keshet.

Following the merger between Reshet and Channel 10, Reshet 13 took resources and programmes from Channel 10's news production company, which then changed on-air branding to HaHadashot 13. Reshet sold its stake in the News Company to Keshet.

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