Chang'an Flower

Chang'an Flower (Chinese: 长安花; pinyin: chang'an hua) is the mascot of the Xi'an China International Horticultural Exposition 2011 which is to be held in Xi'an, China in 2011.[1][2] The sculpture of Chang'an Flower was unveiled October 10, 2010—200 days before the start of the expo.[3]


Chang'an Flower is shaped like a pomegranate,[4] which is the city flower of Xi'an—formerly known as Chang'an in ancient times.[5] The name Chang'an implies bringing long lasting good luck and health to people.[6]


The flower was created to show the harmonious relationship that human beings share with the nature. It is composed of several natural petals. It reflects the native features in Xi'an. The cartoon facial expression shows the Flower's friendliness, and its big eyes show its happiness to see all the tourists. It also has a cute and chubby body to show that it lives a good harmonious life, and it is always waving its hands to show it really expects you to come to see it.[7]


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