Champlain Mall

The Champlain Mall (French: Mail Champlain) is a shopping mall located in Brossard, Quebec at the intersection of Taschereau Boulevard and Lapinière Boulevard. Champlain Mall is named in honour of Samuel de Champlain but references the Champlain Bridge that was built 13 years prior to the mall's opening.

Champlain Mall
LocationBrossard, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45°28′23.91″N 73°28′13.26″W
Address2151, boulevard Lapinière
Opening dateOctober 30, 1975
DeveloperIvanhoe Corporation
ManagementCominar Investment Trust
OwnerCominar Investment Trust
No. of stores and services+- 150
No. of anchor tenants4
Total retail floor area715,000 sq ft (66,400 m2). (GLA) [1]
No. of floors1
ParkingOutdoor and 4-level parking garage
Capacity: 4140 cars

Champlain Mall is strategically located in Brossard: on the South Shore's longest commercial artery Taschereau Boulevard (Quebec Route 134), near Autoroute 10 and adjacent to Terminus Brossard-Panama. Thus, the mall attracts about 6.4 million visitors every year.[2]


Champlain Mall's history goes all the way back to October 1957, before the city of Brossard was founded, when Ivanhoe Corporation, through its business partner Westmount Realties Company, acquired a series of lots from La Prairie-de-la-Madeleine Parish with the intent of building a shopping centre at the corner of what is now Provencher and Pelletier boulevards.[3] After Ivanhoe submitted a request on September 12, 1960 to the emerging City of Brossard for the development of land for the shopping mall, it took 15 years for the Champlain Mall to be constructed. Champlain Mall was built in three phases.

The first phase inaugurated on October 30, 1975 with 50 stores, and Sears and Steinberg's as major anchors.[4][5][6] Although the mall itself began operating in October, Sears and Steinberg's had been opened to the public since the beginning of the year, respectively on March 12 and April 16.[7] In the case of Sears, it was its first store in Greater Montreal.[7][8]

The second phase opened on September 1, 1977 with the arrival of another 50 additional stores along with anchor Miracle Mart.[9][5] Miracle Mart's name was transformed to M on September 3, 1986.[10]

The third phase was completed in August 1988 which saw the mall increased its size by 40 percent and reached more than 700 000 square feet.[11][12] As part of this phase was the appearance of The Bay which inaugurated its store on August 3, 1988.[13] An estimate of 50 new boutique spaces were added.[14][15] The portion of Champlain Mall that was added during this expansion corresponds to the two mall wings that both lead to The Bay store. The current food court and multi-level parking lot as well as an amusement arcade (whose space is today occupied by Archambault) all also happened during that third phase.

In 1992, when Steinberg's went bankrupt, Metro Inc. took the space and occupied it until March 2002. An existing Sports Experts in the mall and a new Atmosphere store took the former space of Metro by November of the same year.[16]

Les Ailes de la Mode opened its first chain store at Champlain Mall in August 10, 1994 where used to be the M Store.[17][18][19] On April 21, 2018, Decathlon opened its first Canadian store in the former space of Les Ailes de la Mode (which had closed in 2017).[20][21]

Sears closed on January 8, 2018, less than a week before the company shuttered its last Canadian stores.[22]

Anchors and tenants

This is a list of the major anchors and tenants at Champlain Mall, organized by descending leased area.[23]



Originally developed and managed by Ivanhoe Corporation, Champlain Mall was the joint property of Ivanhoe and Sears.[9] This co-ownership between the two companies would continue well into the 1980s even after the arrival of Sears' competitor The Bay in 1988.[14]

At some point, Sears divested itself from its ownership in Champlain Mall, and the mall became the property at 50% of Ivanhoe Cambridge (the successor of Ivanhoe) and 50% of the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP).[25]

In 2014, Ivanhoe Cambridge sold Champlain Mall to Cominar. Cominar also acquired HOOPP's stake in Champlain Mall.[26] However, since Ivanhoe Cambridge acquired an 8,5% stake of Cominar itself, the mall will remain to a certain extent owned by Ivanhoe Cambridge.[25]

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