Champion (spark plug)

Originally Champion was a Fortune 500 Company founded by Robert A. Stranahan and Frank D. Stranahan in 1908 in Boston and then moved to Toledo, Ohio in 1910 to be close to the Willys-Overland Auto Company.[1]

Champion is an American brand of spark plug.

In 1931, Champion introduced its first suppressor-type spark plugs. They used a carbon-based resistor to reduce the effects of ignition noise on radio waves.[2]

In 1989, Champion was purchased by Cooper Industries and is now a wholly owned brand of Federal-Mogul Corporation. Its main products are a line of spark plugs for a wide range of cars, trucks, SUVs, racing and marine applications. Also included in the brand, depending on the regional market and brand history, are spark plug wires, wiper blades, batteries, oil filters, lighting, and glow plugs.[3]

Champion is also a longtime sponsor of various racing events, cars, and series including two series run under sanctioning by IMSA.

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